No Fuss Chili in a Snap – Get your Spoons and Suggies Ready!

No Fuss Chili

The weather is starting to change here in NYC and I was craving something hearty to usher in the fall; I thought what better way to do that than with chili?!? ….Mmmm, yes, chili… But a long drawn out all-day prep and cook recipe is definitely not my style. The only question now was how to make an amazing tasting chili that’s quick, cheap, and easy but tastes like I spent all day fussing over it??

On the quest for the answer I went to the original source for most people, Mom!  Lucky for me my mom had a tried and true recipe for cooking up chili in a snap that’ll make you want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a big bowl and an even bigger spoon!

The preparation is super simple and takes only a few ingredients. I like to prepare mise en place, meaning I prep everything like dicing onions and gathering seasonings before I start cooking, here’s a list of the ingredients and how to prep them before you start.


1lb Turkey (or any type of ground meat/meat substitute, of your choosing.) 

Peppers (I only had a red pepper at the time so I used that but you can use whatever pepper you have on hand and as much or as little as you like or leave them out all together, cooking is about freedom of expression so create something you’ll enjoy)

2 Jalapeños, minced (I had a bunch growing in my garden so I used them to give the chili some kick. You can substitute hot sauce if you like)

1 large Onion, minced

1 can of Tomato puree

1 can of Whole peeled tomato in puree, roughly chopped

2 cans of red kidney beans, drained

2 tbsp Garlic

Seasonings (I used about a teaspoon of dried parsley, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, sea salt and a tablespoon of seasoning salts. Feel free to get creative and use your favorite savory seasonings)

Once you’ve gathered your ingredients its time to put it all together!

 Step 1

In your stock pot add a couple of tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the minced garlic and the minced jalapeño (if your using hot sauce just add the garlic right now).  I always like to put the garlic in my pot with the oil before turning on the fire because once the oil heats up to the perfect temperature the garlic will start to sizzle so you know when its time to get cooking.

Step 2

Add the meat and your diced onions and sauté until the meat has cooked thoroughly. People usually add onions before the meat but I like adding them together so the onions can caramelize slowly without burning. Once the meat has cooked add the diced peppers. I like to add them after the meat has cooked so they maintain some of their crispness and don’t get too soggy.

Step 3

Add the roughly chopped peeled tomatoes to the meat and mix thoroughly breaking up any pieces that your find too large with your spoon..

Step 4

Add the puree that the peeled tomatoes were in, as well as, the additional can of tomato puree. When it starts to simmer add the two cans of beans. Drain the liquid the beans were in before putting it into your chili or else it will be too runny.

Step 5

This step doesn’t require any work on your part but is very important. Leave your chili on a low simmer for 45min-1hr. I know that at this point your chili is looking and smelling amazing but give it time for all the flavors to cook together and to reduce. The tomatoes and meat will soak up all that flavor and taste amazing. Just plate it up and add some cheese on top and Enjoy!

I, personally, like to toast up a quick batch of garlicky bread for dipping.

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